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Greek-American Entrepreneur Anthony Catachanas Featured in Tech Times

November 12, 2021

LONDON – Greek-American Anthony B Catachanas, an entrepreneur and investor in capital markets around the globe, was featured in Tech Times on October 26. Born in San Francisco, CA, Catachanas moved to Brussels, Belgium where he studied and spent most of his school years, and began to take an interest in global issues. Catachanas is now a Founding Partner of Victory Hill Capital Group, “a London-based investment firm which he launched with former colleagues from Japanese mega-bank Mizuho Financial Group,” Tech Times reported.

Victory Hill is a specialist investment firm targeting direct investments in global energy infrastructure that support the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with the aim of facilitating an orderly energy transition to a Net Zero Carbon future.

“From a young age Catachanas took an interest in the business and has always reflected a strong entrepreneurial spirit, a tendency he must have inherited from his father a well-respected Greek-American shipping entrepreneur,” Tech Times reported, adding that Catachanas “knew he wanted to pursue a business career and enrolled into a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Business Administration from University of Reading in the United Kingdom and later during his career completed an MBA from University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.”

Catachanas “is a keynote industry speaker at the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge, his alma mater, where he speaks about his personal and professional accomplishments and shares his insights on the business and finance tips he has learned in his professional career,” Tech Times reported, noting that “Cambridge’s guest speaking program gives their students a chance to listen to accomplished speakers and grow networking opportunities by connecting with management leaders from around the world.”

“Having a background of working in both policy-making institutions and as an executive in the financial industry, Catachanas achieved success by marrying his understanding of global issues and using his local and broad cultural awareness to resolve localized problems,” Tech Times reported, adding that “he speaks six languages fluently and has conducted financial business in over 23 jurisdictions around the world.”

Catachanas “began his career working in foreign affairs and then stepping into the finance world to excel in the capital market,” Tech Times reported, pointing out that over the course of 18 years, his experience grew “in equity finance and [he] developed and managed various funding projects.”

Catachanas’ skills as a research and financial analyst are impressive having effectively “handled his jobs in the banking companies and been endorsed by his colleagues and peers for excellent organizational skills and commitment to his work,” Tech Times reported.

The “lack of development in the energy infrastructure across the energy market worldwide” drew Catachanas’ interest and he “grew keen to understand the factors that may improve the imbalances and asymmetries in the industry,” Tech Times reported, noting that “after founding his own company, he set some core values and goals in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that he and his team aim to fulfill.”

With the “increasing need for implementation of policies and reforms to promote sustainable development,” Catachanas “and his team has proved efficient at targeting the energy markets, joining hands with them, and developing efficient plans and funding options to shift towards a more sustainable approach for energy use,” Tech Times reported.

Catachanas “has roots in Greece where he and his ancestors are widely known for their valuable contributions within the Greek community,” Tech Times reported.

More information about Victory Hill is available online: https://victory-hill.com.


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