Video Shows Turkish Coast Guard Hassling Greek Fishing Boat


Greek coast guard vessel. (FILE Photo by Eurokinissi/Sotiris Dimitropoulos)

ATHENS -- As both countries are starting to talk nice ahead of Jan. 25 exploratory talks, a video has shown a Turkish Coast Guard patrol vessel making waves around a Greek fishing boat near the disputed uninhabited rocky islets of Imia.

The two countries almost went to war there in 1996 when both claimed the empty rocks, three Greek servicemen killed when their helicopter went down under circumstances the government hasn’t revealed yet despite speculation it may have been shot down.

The film was released by Kalymnos News on the Aegean island of Kalymnos and appears to have been taken on the Greek boat and shows the Turkish Coast Guard speeding toward it and then shifting at the last second.

It wasn’t said if that was a deliberate attempt to swap or rock the Greek vessel although other Greek fishermen have complained about being harassed in the waters by the Turkish Coast Guard.

The video then shows a Hellenic Coast Guard boat trying to chase off the Turkish vessel, the incident coming a week after a Turkish Coast Guard patrol boat hit a Greek Coast Guard boat near there, causing damage.