Turkish Patrol Boats Harass Frontex Vessel and Greek Fishing Boat



ATHENS - Two Turkish patrol vessels carried out dangerous maneuvers against Greek coast guard patrol boats in the East Aegean on Thursday, after the later went to investigate reports the Turkish boats were harassing an EU border patrol (Frontex) vessel and a fishing boat within Greek territorial waters.

According to the Hellenic Coast Guard, the incident occurred east of the island Panagia Inousson on Thursday morning. The two vessels left for the Turkish coast after a while.

"Incidents like today's tend to happen daily in the East Aegean and do not surprise us or daunt us, and we deal with them decisively," the coast cuard spokesman, captain Nikos Lagadianos said.

He added that the coast guard has stepped up the intensity of maritime border guarding "to deal with the rising challenges in the East Aegean in recent months," which he said has ended migration flows by sea. "This appears to have confused and irritated the Turkish side, and this is why they carry on acts that contravene every sense of international law, like today's harassments at Chios."