SYRIZA's Spokesman Accuses Greek Govt of Having Lost Control


SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance spokesperson Nassos Iliopoulos. (Photo by Eurokinissi/ Effie Skaza)

ATHENS -- "We have two very difficult months ahead of us and the government seems to have completely lost control, while it has no real plan," SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance spokesman Nassos Iliopoulos said on Monday in an interview with Open TV.

He clarified that "schools must be opened safely", noting that "this means that all teachers and students should be in the classroom only after they have taken the test."

In addition, "when a teacher or student tests positive, those who came in contact with him must have access to a free test."

He stressed that "the government still needs to reduce the number of students in the classrooms", adding that "in September, Greece was the only European country that opened schools with more students in the classroomd than the previous year."

"The suggestion of the experts is required before any decision is taken," he stressed and accused the government of trying to bypass the committee of experts, announcing its decision to open all schools before there was a relevant suggestion, while "finally the committee gave the green light only for primary schools and kindergartens."

"If the government, in the issue of schools, repeats the same mistakes it made in the autumn, we will soon have the same negative results," he said.