SYRIZA's Pappas: Mitsotakis Set up a Fiesta for the Demolition of 5 Buildings at Hellenikon


SYRIZA sector chief for economic affairs, Nikos Pappas. (Photo by Eurokinissi/ Yorgos Kontarinis(

ATHENS -- Main opposition SYRIZA deputy responsible for the economy Nikos Pappas on Friday said that "Mitsotakis (Prime Minister) is alllegedly 'selling' support to the small and medium-sized companies, sunset to the tourism sector and demolitions instead of investments" commenting on the investment at the area of former airport of Hellenikon.

"The government's deceit is now visible from all," he added.

Specifically, Pappas in his statement said that "a year ago the bulldozers would start working in Hellenikon and today Kyriakos Mitsotakis set up a fiesta for the demolition of five buildings and for the other 895 we 'we will see".

He referred to "New Democracy's virtual reality" and underlined that the only thing the government has done is to submit and vote a series of amendments in parliament in the investor's interest. "The transition of the shares from the State to the investor has not been concluded yet, the licence for the casino and the court ruling are pending and it remains unclear who will pay for the current works, the state or the investor?"