Stano: The EU Needs to See the End of Unilateral Actions in the East Med

Αssociated Press

(AP Photo/Virginia Mayo, File)

BRUSSELS -- European Commission spokesperson for foreign affairs issues Peter Stano on Monday reiterated that the EU needs to see the end of the unilateral actions by Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean, in response to questions at daily press briefing.

Specifically, Stano said that nothing has changed in the main message, as it was put by the EU foreign ministers at their informal meeting in Berlin:

"The EU needs to see the end of unilateral actions in the Eastern Mediterranean, which are being perceived as provocations by some of our member-states, which are being perceived as irritants in our relations. There is a forecoming discussion on Turkey being held, again by the EU foreign ministers in the framework of the FAC next Monday, and then the leaders of the member-states will be discussing Turkey at the European Council and this will be an opportunity, also, for the member-states to have a full discussion on all aspects of the EU-Turkey relationship and to see how we want to take it forward in light of the recent and latest developments in the Eastern Mediterranean."

(ANA/E. Zarkadoula)