Platform for Greek Residents Abroad Further Expands


(Photo by Eurokinissi/ Yiannis Panagopoulos)

ATHENS --, the citizen service platform at the consulates without physical presence, through a video call, enters the third stage of its pilot operation, according to a joint announcement of the foreign ministry and the digital governance ministry.

Specifically, the operation of the platform is significantly expanded, including:

* Consular offices in the embassies of Brussels, Washington, Paris, Stockholm and

* the Consulates General of Adelaide, Hamburg, Melbourne, Munich, Montreal, Chicago, Stuttgart, Sydney, Tampa and Frankfurt.

The above authorities are to be added to the consular office of the Embassy in London and to the consulates general in New York, Toronto, Boston, Istanbul, Dusseldorf and the Consulate in Perth, where the platform is already in trial operation. Gradually MyConsulLive will be extended to all consular authorities.

"MyConsulLive" gives the opportunity to Greek residents abroad to perform administrative acts without a physical presence at the Consulate, through a scheduled video call with the relevant consular officer, as stated in the relevant announcement.

In particular, the services provided through the platform are the following:

· Certificate of permanent residence abroad

· Certificate of marital status / birth / residence

· A copy or extract of a notarial deed

· Statement of pension beneficiary

· Applications / reports

The service is provided through, in the section "Citizen and everyday life" and the subsection "Remote citizen service". The identification of the interested party is done by using Taxisnet codes to confirm the data, while during the video call the identity will be verified by showing a public document (identity card, passport, etc.).