New Democracy Scraps Protested Landfill Project Near Corfu Village

The National Herald

Corfu. Photo by Marc Ryckaert (MJJR) via Wikimedia Commons

Unrelenting protest for years against a proposed landfill on Corfu has led the New Democracy to abandon the plan to locate it near the village of Lefkimi, The Environment Ministry deciding not to proceed.

The opposition had been vociferous and even violent, with one incident in August of 2018 turning ugly fast after a 32-year-old protester was seriously injured when a makeshift explosive device went off in his hands, amputating him from the wrist down and injuring his face.

There were all-out clashes between residents and riot police who had flares, stones, fire crackers and other makeshift explosives thrown at them with residents furious that the landfill would be close to their homes.

The ministry announced the creation of a new landfill next to the neighboring village of Temploni and said that a waste treatment unit was put out to bid for a 24-million euro ($26.14 million) facility, said Kathimerini.

Referring to the protests by the residents of Lefkimi in the southern part of the island, Manolis Grafakos, the General Secretary for waste management at the Environment Ministry, told the paper the landfill would have been close to the residents.

In February of 2019, police arrested four people and detained 10 over vandalism of infrastructure near the site by a group wearing hoods, the suspect said to have used gasoline and flares to set a fire and causing 300,000 euros ($326,764) in damage.

Protesters opposing the operation of the landfill clashed with police and forced their way into the island’s regional government offices, causing damage there as well too.