Minister Presents Greece's Three Main Axes for Protecting Natural Resources in Farming


Deputy Rural Development and Food Minister Kostas Skrekas. (Photo by Eurokinissi/ Yorgos Kontarinis)

ATHENS - Deputy Rural Development and Food Minister Kostas Skrekas spoke before parliament's Special Standing Committee on the Environment on Wednesday, where he was invited to present the new European strategy "from farm to fork."

The minister also presented the three axes on which the government is working to ensure the protection of natural resources and the reduction of production costs:

a) Reduction of energy costs with incentives to increase the use of Renewable Energy Sources in agricultural production.

b) The preparation of a plan for a rational management of water, which will lead to the reduction of irrigation costs.

c) Promoting precision farming practices that reduce the need for water, fertilisers and pesticides, with obvious benefits for production costs and environmental protection.

Skrekas also referred to the conclusions drawn during the health crisis, when it became clear that the tertiary sector alone was not sufficient to ensure a steady level of prosperity for all Greeks. Apart from the tourism sector, he noted, the agricultural sector and manufacturing must also be supported. According to Skrekas, the pandemic showed that Greece must become more productive, relying more on the primary sector, which showed the greatest resilience during this period.

Skrekas highlighted the importance of farmers organising into cooperative groups and cooperatives with healthy foundations, free of the problems seen in the past.