Minister: Greece's Coronavirus Measures Are Effective


Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister Akis Skertsos. (Photo by Eurokinissi)

ATHENS -- The government's measures against the coronavirus are effective, Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister Akis Skertsos told Alpha TV on Friday.

In the interview, Skertsos thanked the public for its patience and observance of measures, but acknowledged the fatigue people felt following a year of restrictions due to the pandemic. "We are all tired, we all feel oppressed by the measures, but they work," he stressed.

In addition, he said, Greece ranks 23rd among the 27 EU countries in terms of Covid-19 deaths, a positive fact he attributed to the measures and the government's focus on saving lives.

Skertsos also criticized the opposition for its "crushing criticism" and said that "Greece's economy has fared better than bigger economies in southern Europe" such as Italy and Spain, and is at the same recession level as France.