Katrougalos: Greece-Italy Agreement Was First Negotiated by SYRIZA


Syriza MP responsible for foreign relations George Katrougalos. (Photo by Eurokinissi/ Yorgos Kontarinis)

ATHENS -- The Greece-Italy agreement for the delimitation of the two countries' maritime zones was first negotiated by the SYRIZA government, said Syriza MP responsible for foreign relations George Katrougalos on Tuesday, welcoming the signing as positive.

In a statement, the former foreign affairs minister elaborated that the agreement is "part of (Syriza's) comprehensive strategic diplomacy plan that included expanding territorial waters in the Ionian Sea and agreeing on an Exclusive Economic Zone not only with Italy but also with both Albania and Egypt."

He noted that the main opposition party will study "its effects on islands and fishing rights in the waters there," and called for the "immediate expansion of territorial waters in the Ionian Sea."

Additionally, he stressed that the diplomatic effort to conclude an EEZ agreement with Egypt should continue, as the latter key to Greece's defense of its national interests. Syriza and party leader Alexis Tsipras will back this national effort, Katrougalos added, but this must be pursued "via a systematic strategy that is currently lacking," and called for a meeting of political leaders to discuss the matter.