Greek Health Min from Leros: We Want the Island to Have a Safe Summer


Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias visits the hospital of the island of Leros. (Photo by Europkinissi)

ATHENS -- Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias visited on Monday the hospital of the island of Leros and discussed with the hospital's administration with the staff and with citizens and with representatives of the local agencies.

In a statement after his visit to the hospital, the minister said "I came today to the island to see the hospital and talk with the doctors, the nursing staff, the administration, the mayor and the region's representative. We will support Leros as we did in the period of the pandemic and of the crisis. We want the island to have a safe and good summer. We have already sent here 22 doctors and nursing staff and we will further support the hospital. We believe that the extreme areas of Greece need our attention, our love and support and that's what we will do'.