Greek Foreign Ministry on New Illegal NAVTEX: Turkey Blatantly Ignores International Community

Αssociated Press

(FILE PHOTO - Turkish Defense Ministry via AP, Pool)

The Foreign Affairs Ministry condemned Turkey's new illegal NAVTEX, in a statement released on Saturday. 

The ministry underlined that Turkey continues to blatantly ignore the calls of both the European Council and the international community, and practically negates any prospects of improving its relations with the European Union. 

These actions "come at a time when Turkish officials say their country's EU accession is of strategic priority," the ministry stressed. 

"Greece condemns this provocative attitude anew, an attitude which dulls any prospect of a constructive dialogue and calls on Turkey to immediately revoke the illegal NAVTEX," it continued. 

Turkey on Saturday extended to November 29 current maritime research carried out by seismic survey vessel 'Oruc Reis' south of Kastelorizo.

Greece issues counter-NAVTEX against Turkey's illegal maritime activity

The Hellenic Navy Hydrographic Service (HNHS) station at Heraklion, Crete, issued a counter-NAVTEX on Saturday in response to Turkey's new illegal NAVTEX for extending research activities carried out in waters south of the island of Kastelorizo. 

Greece's counter-NAVTEX underlines that the Turkish NAVTEX message comes from an unauthorized station at Antalya, and refers to illegal activity at an area overlapping the Greek continental shelf. It also underlined that the Heraklion NAVTEX station has "exclusive authority to broadcast NAVTEX messages in the area."

Turkey's Saturday NAVTEX extends maritime surveys south and southeast of Kastelorizo island by research vessel "Oruc Reis" beyond the current November 23 deadline to November 29.