Greek Civil Defence Ad in Coronavirus Info Campaign Withdrawn over Sexism Complaints


Greek actor Christos Loulis. (Photo by Eurokinissi/ Tatiana Bollari)

ATHENS - The General Secretariat for Civil Protection on Sunday announced that it has withdrawn one of two ads in its coronavirus public information campaign concerning the recent large gatherings in squares, following numerous complaints that this was sexist. The ad first aired on Saturday and featured actor Christos Loulis.

The general secretariat, noting that this had been far from its intent, announced that it was withdrawing the ad since its aim was to unite and not divide society and was it therefore considered not fit for purpose.

"Because this criticism, however unfair in relation to our intentions, creates an impression that we do not want to exist even as a suggestion, we are withdrawing it. The aim of our campaign was and is to sensitise all of society. When an ad divides instead of uniting it clearly does not serve its purpose," the secretariat said in an announcement.

The specific campaign will continue with the second ad, which will start to air on Sunday, featuring both Loulis and actress Katerina Lehou.