Greece Makes Diplomatic Complaint to Turkey Over Energy Hunt

Αssociated Press

(IHA via AP)

ATHENS - Greece lodged a demarche, a diplomatic complaint, with Turkey for going ahead with an energy hunt between the Greek islands of Limnos, Skyros and Alonnisos until March 2, a move coming during what was supposed to be a pause in tension over Turkish plans to drill around Greek waters.

Turkey issued a navigational advisory, or NAVTEX, for international waters but Greece saw it as a taunting provocation ahead of a second session in March in Athens of a 61st resumed round of exploratory talks, this over seas boundaries.

Alexandros Papaioannou, a spokesman for Greece’s New Democracy government, said the NAVTEX nevertheless was invalid and unlawful, saying the station in Izmir which issued it didn’t have the authority to do so, reported Kathimerini.

Officials in Ankara said recently that the surveys by the Cesme vessel will be restricted to the surface of the sea, as the vessel will not lay its cables on the seabed but that didn’t assuage Greece’s concerns at all.