Gerapetritis: There Is Pressure for EU Measures to Deal with Energy Price Hikes


State Minister George Gerapetritis. (Photo by Eurokinissi/ Yiorgos Kontarinis)

ATHENS -- Minister of State Giorgos Gerapetritis in an interview with ANT1 TV on Saturday outlined the government measures to deal with price hikes.

"We have an increase of the total support package to 500 million by doubling the aid for electricity, expanding the criteria for natural gas, increasing the heating allowance. It is a significant burden for our budgets, but we will be there as long as high prices exist, especially for the vulnerable households," he said and added: "In the last few days, we are observing a decline in gas prices which has to do mainly with the increase of exports from Russia and Azerbaijan."

Based on the expanded criteria for granting the heating allowance, we estimate that about 80 pct of households will be eligible. No one can rule out further price increases, but we will work again with quick reflexes. DEPA will voluntarily provide its customers with a discount of 15 pct, it is a societe anonyme that must have a pricing policy within the limits of competition."

Asked whether the Greek government would insist on a joint approach to the problem by all European governments, the Minister of State foresaw "great pressure for a unified management of the problem on the part of the European Union" and even revealed that "we will have news in the next European Council."