Charitsis accuses government of selling off Greece's Water Utility


SYRIZA spokesperson Alexis Charitsis. (Photo by Tatiana Bolari/Eurokinissi,)

ATHENS - "The plan of the Mitsotakis government, revealed by the newspaper Avghi for the privatisation of key infrastructure belonging to the state water utility EYDAP, condenses New Democracy's ideological and anti-social policy," main opposition SYRIZA spokesperson Alexis Charitsis said in a statement on Wednesday.

"In a time of unprecedented crisis, the government is arranging the sale of the most important social good," he added.

"It is now clear that the only guiding principles that govern [Prime Minister Kyriakos] Mitsotakis are neoliberal ideology and a further strengthening of the big-time interests that surround him," Charitsis said and called on the government "immediately withdraw this despicable tender," while stressing that "water is and shall remain a social good."