Vroutsis: Greece Now Has a Fair Social Security System


Giannis Vroutsis (FILE - Photo by EUROKINISSI/Tatiana Bolari)

ATHENS - "Undoubtedly, the social security reform 4670/2020 is the culmination of a multi-year effort to have a social security system that has gone through hardships, storms, disputes, pathogens and risks and, today, has come to stay," Labour Minister Yannis Vroutsis said on Sunday in an interview with the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA).

"Greece now has a social security system that is fair, reciprocal, flexible, simple and, above all, harmonized with the decisions of justice. We now have a social security system that does not punish the productive forces of the place, which incorporates and implements court decisions, which correct injustices and unconstitutionality of the SYRIZA-Katrougalos law and, finally, motivates everyone to stay in working life for as many years as possible, because their pension is now remunerative and proportional to the years of work," he noted.

He stressed that this social security reform mainly concerns today's workers and the new generations of workers, as all of them will see a comparatively higher pension, compared to the past, with 30 years and more working life.