Mykonos, Santorini Tourist Buildings Approved Despite Failing Standards


(Photo by Eurokinissi/ Klodian Lato)

Some 45 building designs were approved for tourist accommodations on Mykonos  and Santorini even though they didn't meet required standards and will be revoked, officials said.

The files were found after an inspection by the Environment Ministry, said Kathimerini along with a smaller number on Santorini, the two islands being among the most popular in Greece which has had lax standards for building and has allowed untold thousands of unlawful structures built to still stand. 

The files were submitted by developers before an Aug. 10 decision to suspend construction, to the central town planning offices on the island of Syros which oversees other islands in the Cyclades. 

All are being examined again because of a rush to build on the islands where officials hope tourists will return if the COVID-19 pandemic ever ends, this summer being almost a total wash-out.

The newspaper said other reports found that there were 27 pre-approvals for building permits for hotels were issued for Mykonos and another 18 for Santorini but there was no explanation why nor if any action will be taken against whomever okayed them to be built.