Former Nobelist to Nominate Tsipras, Zaev for Next Nobel Peace Prize

December 18, 2018

Tunisian winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015, Wided Bouchamaoui, on Tuesday presented an initiative to nominate the prime ministers of Greece and FYROM, Alexis Tsipras and Zoran Zaev, respectively, for the next Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of their efforts for the signature of the landmark Prespes Agreement.

The presentation was made at an event held in a private university in Skopje, while SYRIZA MEP Stelios Kouloglou was among those that attended and spoke in support of the initiative, along with the rector of the private Skopje-based university FON, Nano Ruzin.

Kouloglou and Bouchamaoui are due to visit Athens on Wednesday to meet the Greek prime minister and announce the initiative.

Commenting on the news, Kouloglou said: “The proposal for the nomination of Alexis Tsipras for a Nobel Peace Prize is a great honour for Greece.” 


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