Have You ever Seen an Angel Shark?


(Photo by Eurokinissi/ Thanassis Kalliaras)

ATHENS -- Τhe environmental organisation iSea, which implements the programme "supporting the protection of the angel sharks in the southern Aegean" has drawn up a plan for the protection of the species, a shark which belong to one of the most endangered groups of sharks in the world, with the support of Shark Conservation Fund

According to the organisation's announcement, "three species of sharks are found in the Mediterranean and their populations were described as crucially endagered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, due to the rapid decline of their population and their local disappearance in several parts of the Mediterranean. The biggest threats for the angel sharks are the by-catches and the overall downgrading of their habitat.

The aim of the programme implemented by iSea is the location of important areas for the species and the improvement of existing law along with the information of the relevant authorities and local entititiesl

"We call on those who have seen angel sharks even in fish shops, to contact us at Facebook or by sending an email at" the announcement said.