Greece Takes the Plunge, Diving Tourism OK’d for Archaeological Sites


The Ancient theater of Dodoni. (Photo: Eurokinissi/Leonidas Bakollas)

ATHENS - Anxious to get tourism going again as the COVID-19 Coronavirus winds down - and offer other kinds of attractions for visitors - a bill to allow diving at underwater archaeological sites in Greece without being by archaeologist divers - was approved.

Diving is now allowed across Greece, with no depth limits, with some exceptions including areas where the armed forces conduct exercises, said Kathimerini, lifting the requirement to have an archaeologist diver, with few being available.

But the divers still must be escorted by members of certified dive clubs, allowing access to shipwrecks more than 50 years old, a big lure for divers interested in ancient history, particularly that of Greece and its maritime past.

Greece’s Association of Diving Centers issued a statement calling for clarity as to when the country’s clubs would be allowed to reopen amid the continued easing of the COVID-19 restrictions, saying they face financial ruin otherwise.