Alonissos Among Destinations on the Rise for 2021-National Geographic Traveller

The National Herald Archive

Alonissos. Photo by Giuliagi, via Wikimedia Commons

ATHENS -- The island of Alonissos is among the destinations which are on the rise for 2021, according to National Geographic Traveller.

According to the article, Alonissos is a Mediterranean haven for seals and a deep dive into an ancient shipwreck.

Called "the Parthenon of shipwrecks," the eerie remains of the ancient Peristera shipwreck recently opened as the first underwater museum in Greece accessible to recreational divers. Located below the surface in the National Marine Park of Alonissos and Northern Sporades, the site is thought to hold cargo from a large Athenian barge that sank in the fifth century B.C. Limiting human activity in the 873-square-mile marine park—established in 1992, primarily to save the endangered Mediterranean monk seal—helped keep archaeological looters at bay, preserving the wreck site and its bounty of intact, two-handled wine jars, according to National Geographic Traveller.