Naxos, a Leading Gastronomic Destination


Naxos island, Cyclades, Greece. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Vaios Hasialis)

ATHENS -- Naxos is turning into a leading gastronomic destination, combining its local products with the tourism industry. The famous Naxos graviera, the flagship of the island's cheese products, is leading an effort to become an attractive destination in a demanding portion of the domestic and international market, seeking quality and authentic flavours. The largest island of the Cyclades, where no case of coronavirus has been reported, is being prepared to open its doors to visitors seeking a top tourist experience, according to the organizers of the 3rd Food Experience.

"Thanks to its natural wealth and rich tradition, Naxos is self-sufficient in a huge variety of products, which are guaranteed and certified. The potato, the livestock and cheese products, the wines, the citrus products, the fruits and vegetables of the island are of unbeatable quality," Dimitris Kapounis, president and managing director of the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Naxos said to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA).

As he stressed, "the goal is to combine the primary with the secondary sector."

In an island where there has been an explosive rise in tourism in the last years, the primary sector still occupies 60 pct of its economy.

The goal of the Union is to create a new, modern cheese dairy, which is expected to increase the production by 40 pct, so as to significantly increase the share in both domestic and international markets, but also to give serious incentives to young people to continue their operation in the sector.