Chef Diane Kochilas’ Live Webinars & My Greek Table Season 3 Premiere May 9

The National Herald Archive

FILE- Diane Kochilas prepared melitzanosalata three ways during the cooking demonstration and then signed copies of her book for her many fans at the New York Times Travel Show at the Javits Center. Photo by Eleni Sakellis

NEW YORK – Chef, TV host, and cookbook author Diane Kochilas will be cooking live in two upcoming webinars on Saturdays, April 11 and April 18.

She said in the email announcement, “Join me this Saturday, April 11th, at 2 PM EDT for my 2nd Live Webinar. I will be cooking and sharing some of the regional delights of Greek Easter, with recipes for vegetarians and meat lovers alike. The class will last about three hours. Bring along a little red wine and your cooking spirit!”

The ticket cost is $50.

On the menu: Cretan Boureki (a savory zucchini-cheese-potato pie, without phyllo), two versions of Mageiritsa (Mushroom and Lamb Shank), and Greek Island Stuffed Lamb with Herbed Rice.

More information is available on Eventbrite, search: Greek Cooking - Greek Easter Highlights,

Kochilas continued, “Join me on Saturday, April 18th, at 2 PM EDT, for Great Meze Recipes! If you would like to learn some of the delicious small plates with big, bold flavors that are known as Mezedes (pl.), join me on April 18th for my 3rd live webinar.”

More information is available on Eventbrite, search Big Flavors, Small Plates! Greek Spring Meze Recipes:

Kochilas also announced that My Greek Table Season 3 will be premiering on Mothers' Day, May 9. Check your local PBS listings for the details.

Kochilas said, “I am really happy to announce that My Greek Table, Season 3,

is premiering this May 9th, Mother's Day! Season 3 will take you on a delicious, virtual tour of some of Greece's most beautiful places. Our theme this season is Greece from the Sea, so lots of focus on the richness of Greek island and coastal area culture and amazing, delicious regional food. Our first stop: The Food Secrets of Mykonos!”

“Check your local public television stations to see when the show will air in your area,” she said. “Remember, too, If you're stateside, you can stream My Greek Table here:"