Robbed on Mykonos Holiday, US Models – Sisters - Flee Greece


(FILE - Photo by EUROKINISSI/Christos Bonis).

American fashion models Gigi and Bella Hadid said their vacation in Greece was spoiled on the overrun tourist island of Mykonos, reporting almost all their valuables were stolen from the villa they had rented.

The gossip site TMZ said they returned after an outing to find their belongings scattered all over the place and most of their stuff missing, including jewelry, designer purses, clothes and sunglasses among other items

The report said Gigi laughed off the robbery in a warning to her followers in the caption of a bikini-clad photo posted to her secondary Instagram account.

The women said they called police who they said offered little help and dismissed the robbery although they complained that the villa's staff had access and they think it was an inside job without offering any evidence.

The group was in Greece celebrating their older sister Alana’s birthday, but left early on a chartered plane after the alleged robbery, leaving Greece behind.

Mykonos has become a kind of hedonist's paradise for the rich and famous and wannabes and minor celebrities who want to be seen and known for runaway tax evasion by restaurants and clubs, some charging up to 1000 euros ($1131) a bottle for champagne.