Ancient Defensive Wall Section Surfaces During Salvage Excavation in Mytiline


(Photo by Eurokinissi/Constantina Labropoulou, File)

LESBOS, Greece - A section of the ancient defensive wall in Mytilini that extended out to the sea was discovered recently during a salvage excavation.

The excavation was carried out in a field lying in the northern part of the city's ancient port known today as Epano Skala, where Navmachias Ellis and Kioutachias streets meet.

The wall consists of massive, ashlar blocks from local stone and dates to the 3rd century BC. It carries obvious repairs from the Roman era, archaeologists said.

Sections of the wall have been found elsewhere in the main town of Lesvos island: on the site of the ancient commercial stoa dated to Hellenistic times, where the ancient wall forms the north or long section of the stoa, and on the site of the modern waste recycling plant, during excavations to lay pipes.

The salvage excavation of the 2000-year-old ancient remains will continue.