Karpenisi Home-Cooked Meal among the Best of the Decade

The National Herald Archive

Karpenisi, Greece. Photo: G Da, via Wikimedia Commons

NEW YORK – Mina Stone, chef-partner at Mina’s in Long Island City, was among the 38 New York chefs who described the best meals they’ve eaten in the 2010s in an article in New York Magazine’s Grub Street.

Stone, who is half-Greek and half-Jewish, told Grub Street, “My husband Alex and I were traveling through mainland Greece when we stumbled upon this strange cafe on a mountain called Karpenisi. It was brightly lit with unusual decorations, and we weren’t even sure it served food. We sat down, and the two women that worked there just started to bring out dish after dish: little potatoes, saucy meatballs, bright salads, and braised lamb in parchment. At the end, they brought out this orange pie, portokalopita, and it was the most delicious thing I had ever tried. The woman wrote the recipe down for me on a napkin. It was so generous and easy — I’ve been making the recipe ever since.”