First Ever Phobia Relief Day in New York Led by Kalliope Barlis

NEW YORK – The first ever Phobia Relief Day took place in New York on Monday, May 8. Led by internationally bestselling author and Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Kalliope Barlis, the event presented the skills that have helped many people deal with the phobias that have held them back from living their best life. Barlis spoke with The National Herald about the event which was held at the George Billis Gallery, 525 West 26th Street.

When asked about the space, Barlis noted that Billis is a friend from childhood and graciously offered the gallery for the event. With beautiful artwork on the walls, the setting was particularly calming and an ideal place for the attendees to learn about NLP and to see how the skills can be applied to a variety of issues.

The brainchild of Barlis, who has helped thousands of people overcome their fears, the special day included in-person phobia relief sessions as well as training accessible anywhere in the world through the internet. Barlis explained how people can shrink their fears, shed stress, and build their best lives ever.

As she noted, we are born with two fears- falling and loud noises, but the rest “are learned and can be unlearned.” The special event was designed not only for phobia sufferers seeking relief, but also for their friends and families looking for ways to help, and professionals interested in learning about phobia relief skills. Some volunteers had their phobias diminished in front of the audience. All participants received free access to the audio book version of Barlis’ Phobia Relief: From Fear to Freedom.

The exercises allow people to learn the true cause of their fear, gain control over uncontrollable thoughts, shrink fears, and reverse them. Using visualization, participants are able to change the way they think and free themselves from a fear practically instantaneously, or within one session. Perception, Barlis told TNH is often not the reality. Changing the way people think about their fears actually changes the circuits in the brain. The skills lead to neurological change that improves lives.

Barlis, whose roots are in Chios, noted that another Phobia Relief Day is planned for the end of October, around Halloween- perhaps a more fitting time to tackle fears. The event was a success for those who participated and learned about NLP.

The useful techniques can be applied to many aspects of life and when people often get in their own way with seemingly overwhelming, negative thoughts, allowing fear to hold them back from doing things they would love to do. As people shrink down their fears and reverse them, they begin to see how much the fears are a product of their thoughts. With the fears reduced, people are able to fly in planes and visit loved ones and dreamed of places, or cross bridges they once feared crossing. They can more fully experience life and find their true purpose.

More information is available online at www.PhobiaReliefDay.org. The book Phobia Relief: From Fear to Freedom by Kalliope Barlis is available online at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. The audiobook is available on iTunes.


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