Ethnikos Kirikas and The National Herald Turn Over a New Page

When something is old, or for that matter, if someone is old, the natural human reaction is to take them for granted. Hellenic culture is a continuously evolving, sentient body that has been entrusted with preserving Hellenism. Unfortunately, due to political and practical circumstances, oftentimes away from Greece’s shores.

When Greeks set out for more promising pastures and emigrated en masse to the United States a little over a century ago, they founded a Greek newspaper named Ethnikos Kirikas to tell the stories of their community away from home, the Diaspora. Since 1915, the Greek diaspora community has entrusted Ethnikos Kirikas to make the great distance between America’s shores and Greece, along with Cyprus, feel just a little bit closer. As mentioned, earlier, when something is old, it is easy to grow complacent and expectant that it will always be there – well, Ethnikos Kirikas celebrated 106 years of life this year and The National Herald 24 years, and neither anniversary has come on the heels of complacency on the part of anybody who works with or is affiliated with these two newspapers. In nature, it is often said that creatures adapt or they die, and the same principal can be applied to the business world: either a business makes adjustments to keep up with the times and their customers or inevitably it will have to shutter its doors. This week, we celebrate a momentous milestone in the long history of Ethnikos Kirikas and The National Herald. The change in the calendar to November brought two brand new websites, and now our readers and advertisers can read ‘EK’ and ‘TNH’ in a whole new, better way.

The new sites, which were developed over many months of daily effort and coordination, were a labor of love by our colleagues who understood that these new websites were the key to ensuring that many more generations to come would be able to read the stories in our newspapers and be more closely tied with both our community in the Diaspora – but also with our people’s homelands of Greece and Cyprus. I would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge our colleagues in Athens, Cyprus, Boston, Florida, at our headquarters in New York, and in particular my aunt Veta Diamataris, my father Antonis Diamataris, my mother Litsa Diamataris, and my sister Vanessa Diamataris for their relentless drive, and sacrifices made to ensure that our readers and advertisers have the best possible newspaper that they can have on a daily basis.

For our newspapers to be allowed into your homes, our stories read on your smart devices, and everything in-between, is an honor and privilege that we are cognizant of each and every day – which is why we aim to earn our readers’ trust on a daily basis. It is a daily contract that has been renewed since 1915 and the support and love from the community has sustained us, and with these brand new websites, you will continue to sustain us well into the future. Thank you for believing, as we do, that Hellenism is something worth preserving, and thank you for allowing us to be your trusted news source, and to be there with you to catalog the stories and news of our community. With gratitude, we sincerely hope that these new websites fill you with pride, and that you consider them to be your one-stop-shop for all things of Hellenism.



The death of Dan Georgakas, at the age of 83, deeply saddens us.


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