Elpidophoros: Alliance of the Church and the Left

It may be considered ironic that the General Secretary of a Communist Party visited Canada and the U.S. However, it is not.

Most likely, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, the general secretary of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), visited these two countries at least to some extent for electoral reasons. To encourage, that is, the party’s diaspora supporters to vote in the upcoming European elections.
And who can blame him for that? He did well.

Indeed, I would say that Mr. Koutsoumpas should visit the U.S. more often, not just during the pre-election period.

Not because by coming into contact with America or Canada he will change his political ideas, but because he will be given the opportunity to see, apart from the negatives of the system, e.g., homeless people in Manhattan – the positives as well: freedom, democracy, economic progress, universities, as well as the broader Greek Diaspora, its progress, its problems, and its struggles for the motherland.

How will these help? They will help him broaden his horizons and be able, the next time he is called upon to take a stand on an issue concerning them, to weigh things better because he seems to be a serious person.

Of course, one cannot help but wonder how it is possible for the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) to attract such a large percentage of Greek votes, which, according to recent polls, is approaching 10%. For heaven’s sake! Haven’t these people seen, heard, or learned anything about the deep wounds left by Communist Parties in every country where they managed to seize power? Don’t they see that nowhere today, perhaps with the exception of North Korea, does communism prevail? Don’t they think about what Greece would be like today if it had become a participant in the communist ‘paradise’?

And don’t we owe gratitude to Harry Truman’s America, which, thanks to the doctrine bearing his name, managed to keep Greece out of the clutches of Communism?

In any case, to return to my original point, only positive results can come from Koutsoumpas’ visit.

In this spirit, and in the spirit of freedom of the press that The National Herald exercises consistently and passionately, we offered him our newspaper’s significant platform by publishing the interview he granted us in our Greek language weekend edition and providing full coverage of his trip to Canada and the U.S.

This is the correct role of the media in Western capitalist countries: to offer the opportunity to everyone, even dissenters, to express their opinions.

However, what will remain in memory from the entire visit of the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Greece is the peculiar, unprecedented address by Archbishop Elpidophoros during their meeting at the Archdiocese.

I will pass over the Archbishop’s sermon to the Church of Greece regarding the benefits of the separation of Church and State, although he certainly knows the Church has a strong opposition to it. I will focus instead on his sermon regarding the ‘common points’ the Church and Christian Faith has with the Left. I quote his words in Greek [translated here] because they are so… unbelievable that you might doubt that I am rendering them correctly:
“You know,” the Archbishop said in his address to the general secretary of the KKE, “that with the Left, to put it more generally, we have so many commonalities as Church and as Christian Faith. The sensitivities for equality and human rights, for justice, peace, to the injustice that exists in the world, poverty, and all these are a common denominator in which I believe we find common ground to cooperate and support each other.”

So, Church and KKE, hand in hand are breaking the peoples’ chains…

In the opinion of the Archbishop of America, the Right does not share the above values. That is, I repeat to be absolutely clear and fair, “the sensitivities to equality and human rights, for justice, peace, the injustice that exists in the world, poverty…”

Only the Left shares supports these values?

If I were Koutsoumpas, I would make this a campaign advertisement.

So, after this, why don’t we declare Mr. Elpidophoros to be not just the Archbishop, but the General Secretary of our Church – at least in America?

And, furthermore, why not show us the flag with the hammer and sickle waving at the entrance to Archdiocesan headquarters on 79th Street!

Unfortunately, the issue is not a laughing matter. It is serious.


Many times I am troubled with the question, to what extent can a high-ranking official keep slipping without becoming unworthy of the position s/he holds? And what is the limit if this official is a high-ranking clergyman who, due to his position, is obliged to operate within stricter parameters? And to be more specific, can an Archbishop employ methods borrowed from the worst examples of politics and journalism without making himself unworthy of his position? Can he, in other words, throw out imaginary and baseless accusations to.

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