Demetra Jiova: When Miracles Happen

November 13, 2019

Demetra is a Spiritual Teacher based in Los Angeles. Through private sessions, seminars, and workshops, both online and in-person, she is altering people’s lives all around the world with her 5D Miracles Method, based on the idea that there are infinite parallel versions of oneself in 11 Dimensions. Her teachings are profoundly unique and radical; only a few other people around the world teach or work with similar ideas.

The National Herald: Demetra, how did all of this start?

Demetra Jiova: I always had an affinity for science. From early on, my passion for physics, maths, biology, chemistry, and later quantum physics filled my life. I was looking for answers as to how the Universe operates. What is the one Truth out there; why do we exist; what is our purpose in life?

TNH: Where did you grow up – and where did those questions come from?

DJ: I was born in Sweden, of Greek immigrant parents, and from early on, they were told they had a sort of a prodigy child in their hands. I excelled in all scientific topics and won a lot of scholarships and prizes. I then followed sort of an academic path for a while. I was admitted first in rank to the prestigious Kapodistrian University of Athens. I received my B.Sc. in Chemistry/Biochemistry and was the valedictorian. I then attended Mt. Sinai Medical Center in NYC with a full honorary scholarship in their Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences.

I wasn’t finding the answers, though, that I was searching for. I then turned to the arts and studied theater and acting. I became a very accomplished actress, model, producer, and screenwriter in my homeland, Greece, but amongst all these so-called accomplishments and successes, I realized that I wasn’t happy. I was suffering, and in emotional and spiritual pain. That’s when my scientific brain wondered for the first time: “What if what I am looking for is not to be found outside of us, but only looking inward?”

TNH: And?

DJ: For the next 8-10 years, a whole new journey began for me. They say when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Several teachers appeared in my life.

I studied New-Age Philosophy and many techniques, teachings, technologies along with quantum physics.

Then the moment that changed my life forever happened!

All the answers I was seeking were “downloaded” –for lack of better term – all at once. My brain exploded in love. I don’t know if one can fully imagine what that was like for me: All the answers I was seeking for my entire life came crashing down in my brain literally within a few minutes! Time stopped. My heart filled with unspeakable awe. My life changed forever!

TNH: What did you learn?

DJ: It was explained to me that all suffering comes from our thoughts, which are projected and mirrored in our 4th-dimensional ‘reality’. I fully realized that by consciously choosing our thoughts and emotions, we could tune into our desired life experiences from the already existing infinite possibilities of the Universe.

TNH: Tell us more!

DJ: Everything already exists in the Universe: past, present, and future – as we perceive them – all co-exist along with infinite versions of them. We tune into those realities according to what makes sense to us and what we feel. It is almost like tuning into radio stations that already exist. So we can change everything in life by changing what we think and feel!

TNH: What is the 5D Miracles Method?

DJ: A whole new way of perceiving and living life through the knowledge that there are 11 Dimensions and an infinite number of frames of existence. We tune into them consciously by changing our thoughts and feelings to match the desired ones already existing. It’s, in a sense, the teaching of that truth and the art of mastering it.

TNH: Can you give us examples of what happened when people applied it?

DJ: When one remembers that he/she is the creator of their own life, one can completely change their lives and their reality in such a way that others perceive as miracles. They aren’t miracles, not in the old way of defining them: as something outside of us that created them.

Here is the story/miracle of one of my students: He was around 55 years old, very successful in the business world, and had never had children. At the time, he felt that he had missed out on something essential and that there wasn’t much meaning in his life because of it. Once he learned that there might be infinite versions of himself already existing and that he could tune into another reality by changing the way he felt, he was so excited, so he started feeling what his life would be like if he had been a father. He basked in the emotion, initially for the pure pleasure of it, he walked and breathed that feeling for days.

Do you know what happened? A few days later he received an e-mail from a woman he had dated years ago when he was living in Europe. She wrote to him: “I don’t know why, but I think it’s time for you to learn that we have a son, 18 years old today”! People, who don’t know about the already existing infinite versions of us, would say: What a miracle, what a coincidence! There are no coincidences in life – so, my definition of miracles?

Miracles happen when our consciousness hops from one frame of existence to another without needing to go through the ‘intermediate’ ones, that our (and others’) logical part believed/thought before as necessary and reasonable, but which are not considered as such, from Existence! Instead, all frames of Existence are of equal access, none needs necessarily to precede another, or follow another.

TNH: What are your future goals?

DJ: I don’t set goals in the way most humans think of them. I set intentions about how I want to feel Now, not in a future that doesn’t exist yet. Then, not only I can feel what I desire every Now, but all manifestations of similar energy start appearing in my experience too.

TNH: What makes you the proudest?

DJ: Walking the talk. It is imperative to me, and always has been, to not just teach with words but via example too. It gives me immense pleasure when my students, my friends, and my family mirror that back to me.

TNH: What is your guiding principle?

DJ: If I don’t like something, it only means one thing in the Universe: It’s not over yet! It will be, when I like it! This principle is true for all of us. We need to remind ourselves it is accurate and see it confirmed again and again for the rest of our lives.

TNH: What are the wisest words you were taught and by whom?

DJ: “You take life too seriously!” Words of love and wisdom from my inner-being, my higher-self. We all have an inner-self of infinite knowledge that is always there for us, with access to all the answers of the Universe. Some call it intuition, higher-self, your inner-being, your spirit, no matter the name, it is there. We need to re-learn trusting and listen to it more, just like we did when we were younger.

TNH: What is the most significant value your parents gave you?

DJ: They gave me the desire to be who I really am. They managed that by consistently encouraging me and by – because of their fears and hopes for me – unconsciously putting obstacles against it. So, they made my desire for it even more intense. I am so grateful and love them both for both their ways!

TNH: What advice would you give your younger self?

DJ: Relax more, enjoy your every Now.

Everything always works out for us, even when it isn’t temporarily that obvious.

In short: don’t keep score too soon!

TNH: Your regrets?

DJ: My only regret is that I had or sometimes still have some! It is the most non-useful thing we do to ourselves. We gain nothing from it. Move forward instead, and when you know something more, apply it. No reason to look back and regret.

TNH: How do you relax?

DJ: Petting and being in the presence of my dog, and for that matter of any animal, they are the most amazing anchors of love.

TNH: What is the best reaction you received from a student?

DJ: I always hear: Demetra, you won’t believe what just happened!

I love hearing how they now achieve things and state of being-ness that others around them still deem impossible.

TNH: What led you to this line of business?

DJ: I don’t consider it as such. I followed my excitement, and it steadily evolved into what I do today.

There was a moment when years ago, three of my friends just appeared at my doorstep and asked me to teach them. I guess, that was the moment I formally became their teacher, and they, my students. It then evolved rapidly through word of mouth. Friends of friends started then asking to “sit on my couch,” and it escalated from there to the point of now needing big hotel venues.

TNH: What is your highest desire for yourself and others?

DJ: Happiness!

TNH: Was life fair to you?

DJ: Fairness, like everything else in life, is a matter of perspective.

I used to think it was pretty unfair, now I see it for the loving mirror it is; showing us what we believe; in order to change it, if we don’t like it.

TNH: What defines you?

DJ: My desire to love all and everything.

TNH: For what are you grateful?

DJ: I am grateful for my beautiful over-analytical brain. I used to think of it as my biggest obstacle, but without which, I would not be where I am today.

TNH: What are your core values?

DJ: Love, that includes everything.

TNH: And your life’s motto?

DJ: Life does not happen to us; we happen to life!

Always be kind – including and most importantly, to oneself!

You can learn more about Demetra and connect with her at:


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