Cyprus Shrinks Safe List to Three EU Countries for Tourist Arrivals

Αssociated Press

Two men surf in southeast resort of Ayia Napa, in the eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus, Saturday, May 22, 2021. (AP Photo/Petros Karadjias)

NICOSIA -- Cyprus’ hopes to keep tourists coming during the lingering COVID-19 pandemic has taken another hit after arrivals in the European Union were limited to those from Hungary, The Czech Republic and Poland.

Travelers from other European Union countries who still want to come, and who do not have an EU Digital COVID certificate showing they are vaccinated will be required to either test or quarantine or both, traveling at their own risk.

The site, which reports on travel in the so-called Schengen Area of the EU, a zone where 26 of the 27 member states - apart from Cyprus - have abolished borders to allow unrestricted movement, said Cyprus had cut the list of safe countries.

Travelers from Portugal and Sweden are no longer required to quarantine upon arrival but the contradiction wasn’t explained as they are in the EU too while Azerbaijan, Albania and Brunei were also removed from the high-risk list of countries.

But travelers from a number of countries outside the EU are still welcome, including Australia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and New Zealand. As of Sept. 20 though, unvaccinated travellers arriving from Latvia, Iceland, and Uruguay must undergo double testing and quarantine requirements.

According to the weekly risk assessment of Cypriot authorities, arrivals from Slovakia, Bahrain, and Singapore will also be subject to stricter entry restrictions while those from Singapore, Slovakia and Bahrain must show proof of a negative PCR test performed up to 72 hours before arrival.