Robeson's The Greek Persuasion Sensual Read

The National Herald Archive

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Author Kim Robeson grew up overseas in Greece, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia and now lives in Encinitas, California but the protagonist of her novel, The Greek Persuasion is Greek-American professor Thair Mylopoulos-Wright, a book tied up in sexual orientation nuances.

Robeson, a Greek-American Assistant Professor at Los Angeles Valley College, told The Del Mar Times that, “I adore Greece and wanted to share this amazing country with readers. I took stories from my family and my own experiences as a starting point, but ultimately my characters and their experiences are imaginary.”

Most of her summers were spent in Kamena Vourla, a beach side town in Greece, where her yiayia and papou have a summer house. In the novel, the character begins writing stories about her grandmother's experience and her mother's youth in 1960's Greece, where Robeson hopes to return permanently.