Calliopi Bertos Submits a Poem Dedicated to the Lone Karyatid

The National Herald

The lone Caryatid at the British Museum in London. Photo: Public domain

NEW YORK – Calliopi G. Bertos submitted a poem to The National Herald, titled Dedicated to the Lone Karyatid at the British Museum. She spoke to TNH about the poem and the inspiration behind it, “I was inspired to write this because I heard that a group of Greek elementary school children sang a song to the Karyatid at the museum a few days ago while holding the Greek flag at her feet. How patriotic, indeed!”

Bertos is a Professor of Humanities with a specialty in English and Linguistics and teaches at various New Jersey and New York universities. A New Jersey resident, she told TNH that her roots are from the town of Aperi on the Dodecanesian island of Karpathos.

The full text of Bertos’ poem follows:

Dedicated to the Lone Karyatid at the British Museum:

A lonely Grecian maiden awaits in a faraway place, Yearning to see a beloved familial face.

Without her knowing, was taken away... Stands alone and saddened awaits in dismay.

A day of joy and happiness to see her siblings near, To kiss and embrace them with laughter and without fear.

Again, the sisters will hold tightly on in a swirly dance, with measured ancient steps and a whimsical prance.

To dance a dance of joy and love, Together again in peace, my White Dove.

And when the jubilant celebration ends, you take your rightful place among your sister-friends.

Holding up the World’s Blue Sky, upon your heads, O Ladies of such Pride!

The day will arrive when ALL together be, A day of rejoice, the lonely lass, at last free!!!

Calliopi G. Bertos February 10th, 2020.