Logothetis' Film Jiu Jitsu is Waaaaay Out There, from Outer Space

The National Herald Archive

Jiu Jitsu movie poster. (Photo by

He's an actor, director, and producer but Californian Dimitri Logothetis – born in Greece – knows his way around martial arts too, holding a black belt in Kempo. 

He's turned all of those skills into Jiu Jitsu, a film he shot on Cyprus during COVID-19 and whose premise fits right with the times of aliens, super-beings – meeting people who know how to kick and throw. 

Set to be released on video Nov. 20, it's a science fiction fantasy action martial arts movie which the video game and entertainment site IGN described as “Predator meets Mortal Kombat meets National Treasure,” a nod to star Nicolas Cage. 

But there's also martial artist supremo Tony Jaa and kick boxer Alan Moussi, who was in Logothetis' Kickboxer: Retaliation movie. 

The site said it's about an ancient order of Jiu Jitsu fighters facing a vicious race of alien invaders in the form of a fighter named Brax, who they must battle for the survival of Earth and also stars Marie Avgeropoulos. 

“This looks absolutely ridiculous ... just the right mix of people having a good time on camera,” the site said.