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Olympia Dukakis

LOS ANGELES – The Greek Heritage Society of Southern California announced the launch of all three of its award-winning documentaries in the trilogy, The Greeks of Southern California through the Centuries, on Vimeo, a worldwide video-sharing platform.

The documentaries are collective stories that reflect generations of Greek-Americans who established themselves locally, nationally, and internationally, always expressing gratitude for their rich cultural background. Academy Award-winner Olympia Dukakis is the host and narrator of the series.

The films, Part 1: The Pioneers 1900-1942, Part 2: The Promise of Tomorrow 1940-1960, and Part 3: The New Greek Americans 1960- 2018 are available on Vimeo:

The films are great for the entire family and are now available at a limited Special Holiday price. Rent (stream) any documentary online for 1 week at $4.99; buy (stream) any documentary online for $14.99 (regular $19.99); buy (stream) all three documentaries online for a special price of $29.99 (regular $59.97).

Consul General of Greece in Los Angeles Evgenia Beniatoglou said of the documentary film series, "Greece and Greek Americans need these kinds of efforts which record the recent history of our country. It was a real pleasure for me to be a member of the Honorary Committee and I wish that they continue their invaluable work."

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The poster for The New Greek Americans when it was screened at the New York City Greek Film Festival in 2019. (Photo by Eleni Sakellis)