Dark Star Pictures Presents Greek Film ENTWINED in U.S.

The National Herald

ENTWINED Film Poster. (Photo Courtesy of DARK STAR PICTURES)

NEW YORK - ENTWINED, a Greek mystery fantasy horror film directed by Minos Nikolakakis, (a co-production of EKK, ERT and COSMOTE TV), will be released on demand on September 8 in the United States and Canada. The film is Nikolakakis’ feature directorial debut which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year. The movie will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Xbox, Direct TV, Dish Network, Vudi and all major cable providers. It was released in Virtual Theatres on August 28 in Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia and other major cities.

Synopsis of film: Panos (Prometheus Aleifer), a city doctor, relocates his practice to a remote village and quickly falls for Danae (Anastasia Rafaella Konidi), who lives in isolation with a mysterious skin condition. Determined to find Danae a cure, Panos learns of her dark secret and that all is not what it seems.

Runtime: 89 minutes; Color; Language: Greek with English subtitles; Rating: Not Rated (Horror/ Fantasy)

The film’s trailer is available here: