Germany to Ease Restrictions on Travelers from up to 11 Countries outside the EU

Αssociated Press

FILE - In this Saturday, June 13, 2020 file photo, a sign with the opening hours of the border checkpoint between Harrislee in Germany and Padborg in Denmark is displayed in front the border crossing in Harrislee, Germany. (Frank Molter/dpa via AP, File)

BERLIN — Germany says it is easing restrictions on travelers from up to 11 countries outside the European Union -- but not the full list recommended by the European Union.

The Interior Ministry said that, as of Thursday, people from Australia, Georgia, Canada, Montenegro, New Zealand, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay will be able to enter without restrictions. That will also apply to Japan, South Korea and China -- but only if those countries also allow people from Germany to enter.

Germany omitted four countries from the list released by the EU on Tuesday of those whose people should be allowed into the 27 member countries and four other nations in the visa-free Schengen area: Algeria, Morocco, Rwanda and Serbia.

Neighboring Austria’s Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg said his country is maintaining a ban on people from non-European countries entering until further notice. And he said Austria is imposing a travel warning for six countries for the western Balkans -- Bosnia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro and Serbia -- in view of high coronavirus figures.