Germany: Mask-Less Governor Committed No Crime

Αssociated Press

Schalke coach Coach David Wagner arrives for the German Bundesliga soccer match between FC Schalke 04 and Werder Bremen in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, Saturday, May 30, 2020. (Bernd Thissen/pool via AP)

BERLIN — German prosecutors say they’ve determined that the governor of the eastern state of Saxony committed no crime when he failed to wear a mask in line with coronavirus restrictions while talking to protesters.

Dresden prosecutors told the dpa news agency Saturday that they’d looked into the case but that “no crime was committed” by the governor, Michael Kretschmer, during the protest in the state capital.

It is still being determined, however, whether Kretschmer may be subject to a 150 euro ($175) fine for a lesser infraction.

Kretschmer engaged with demonstrators on May 17 who had taken to the streets to protest the government’s coronavirus restrictions. The governor said he normally does wear a mask, but in this case considered it inappropriate due to the nature of the demonstration.

He was surrounded by people as he talked, though did go out of his way to remind them that they should all be keeping their distance from one another.

Following the protest, a witness filed a criminal complaint against Kretschmer alleging he had violated the government’s infection protection act.