Donations to Greek National Health System at €86 Million, Dep. Health Min Says


Attikon Hospital. (Photo by Eurokiniss/ Sotiris Dimitropoulos)

ATHENS - Deputy Health Minister Vassilis Kontozamanis on Thursday said that the donations to Greece's National Health System, which have reached 86 million euros, are an important pillar of support.

Speaking in parliament and replying to a question by opposition Movement for Change (KINAL) MP Andreas Poulas, he said that 496 agencies and organisations have contributed so far and the offered donations have been accepted in the case of 253 of them, while the process is still underway for the remaining 243.

"By April 16, the estimated amount from donations was 86 million euros. Forty [million] have already been accepted and the other 46 [million] are being processed," he said.

He noted that the whole procedure is completely transparent, adding that a committee comprised of persons with acknowledged status will recommend to the health minister all the necessary measures for the funds' proper and efficient use.

"The health ministry will make an assessment and prepare a detailed presentation for all the donations and where they have been allocated, as soon as the procedure is completed," he added.