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  1. I was delivered the wrong paper this morning I am supposed to receive the English version & I was delivered the Greek. I have been trying to reach you since 8:30 this morn by Phone & fax & you have no working phones. Please have my English Newspaper re delivered to my home

    1. Sorry for the inconvenience, unfortunately over 150,000 customers are left with no phone service due to a Verizon outage in the area. We have sent in a request to have the correct paper delivered to you. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

  2. Just say Elgin Marbles and everyone will know what you are talking about. If you are Greek and love the Parthenon don’t ever mention Nicholas Balanos.

  3. Re: Greek Police Arrest 7 for Selling Bogus Olive Oil

    Unfortunately, olive oil is such a valuable and valued commodity that some criminals do seek to exploit the public’s desire for its unique flavor and impressive health benefits. However, I find it disturbing to see this article copied all over the internet, immediately, while dozens of articles about the accomplishments of olive oil producers and companies, the growing number of scientific studies providing evidence that olive oil can help fight off dozens of serious diseases, and so much more positive news about the olive oil world shows up far less frequently. Yes, olive oil fraud is a problem, but no, that fraud does not deserve the prominence it gains when a comparatively small group of criminals takes advantage of consumers, given that hundreds of olive oil companies in Greece alone are working hard to produce an authentic, high quality, healthy product that deserves to be purchased and appreciated. Consumers need to learn how to identify authentic extra virgin olive oil, partly by looking at labels (for the specific place of production and bottling, the harvest date, and the grade, such as extra virgin) and partly by smelling and tasting the oil (to detect a fruity aroma and the flavor of olives and perhaps something like tomato leaves–or many other possibilities depending on the olive variety, but nothing musty or moldy). Seed oils don’t have a distinctive flavor or aroma, but extra virgin olive oil (the kind you want for the best health benefits and flavor) does. For more good news about olive oil, please see Greek Liquid Gold: Authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (, which features carefully researched and first-hand reports from the Greek olive oil world.

  4. Mr. Theodoros Kalmoukos, it’s almost one year since Metropolitan Methodius devastated the Saint Athanasius Church community of Arlington, Massachusetts.

    Thank you and Ethnikos Kirikos for all the good you do.

  5. My wife and I own the historic Candy Kitchen in Wilton, Iowa which was founded by Gus Nopoulos, a Greek immigrant. The National Herald published a wonderful article about this business on January 8, 2004 and I was curious if copies of this issue would still be somehow available? Please let me know since we would love to have a nice copy for our archives. Unfortunately the copies we have are cut from the paper and not were not saved in a good way. Thanks in advance for your attention to this request. Lynn Ochiltree, cell 515-202-0026.

  6. Hi, why does the National Herald refer to the Orthodox Liturgy as a “Mass”? Greek Orthodox Christians do not celebrate a Mass but instead we celebrate a Liturgy.

    Over the past several months you have written that we celebrate a “Mass” several times in both the printed and your online versions of your newspaper. Most recently, on the current web page you display “Greek Orthodox worshippers celebrate Christmas Mass, at St. Porphyrios Church in Gaza City, Monday, Jan. 7,” Seriously? Since when do Orthodox Christians celebrate a Mass?

    If you want to reach new heights in credibility and potentially expand your user base, then learn the Faith in all its’ fullness and report on it with both accuracy and precision. Otherwise, you are no different than some fake news source with political motivations.

    Thank you.

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