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  1. I would like to know what days you do not publish a paper.

    Thank you,

    Louie Trahan
    Circulation Operations Director-New Hampshire Union Leader

  2. I would like to know what days you do publish a paper.

    Thank you,

    Louie Trahan
    Circulation Operations Director-New Hampshire Union Leader

  3. Will you please email any article you had on any of the Greek boys who left the White House in the past couple of weeks. Thanking you in advance.

  4. Re: “Letter from Athens: Now’s the Time for Greece to Stop Backing Turkey’s EU Bid”

    Please tell Andy that the reason Greece backed Turkey’s EU bid was simply to
    expose Europe’s hypocrisy. The EU never had any intension to admit 80,000,000 Muslims.
    And for the longer time they used Greece’s objection as a lame excuse. So, Greece turned
    the tables by reversing its public stance on the accession. And it worked because the EU
    finally admitted that Turkey is an undesirable addition.

  5. Turkey should never enter Europe. To be part of Europe you need to have freedom of press and freedom of speech. Also you need to accept your past. That past includes the Genocides of indigenous Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks. Secondly you need to treat your minorities and people fairly. Yes as the Greek Patriarch has said in an interview with CNN “We are second class citizens in this country”. He is right.

    1. The great powers of yesteryear namely the British Empire, France, Italy and Japan, hatched a hasty plan in 1923 aka the Treaty of Lausanne. In their thin veiled scheme to contain Russian influence within the Black sea, they granted Turkey a foothold in Europe. A century later, the chickens have come home to roost.

  6. Dear Editor: First, the TNH staff must acknowledge that the is no “Turkish majority” in northern Greece
    before accusing Mr. Kammenos of allegedly recognizing a Turkish minority in northern Greece.
    Re: After Probe Blocked, Kammenos Backs Turkish Minority, Transgenders
    “By TNH Staff September 28, 2017
    The discussion of a proposal submitted by opposition New Democracy to set up a committee to investigate Panos Kammenos, Sept. 25, 2017. Photo: Eurokinissi/Giannis Panagopoulos
    ATHENS – After a probe was stymied into his calls to a jailed former shipowner convicted in a major drug operation, Independent Greeks (ANEL) Panos Kammenos’ party said it would support transgender rights and recognizing a Turkish majority in northern Greece, in direct opposition to its alleged principles.”

  7. I fully support the editorial presented about the need for transparency in the funding of not only the Archdiocese but also the various Dioceses throughout the United States. The corruption that seems evident in New York, sadly extends throughout the church body. The result has been the withdrawal of financial support by many of us who are seeing it first hand. Oversight of all levels of the church must be returned to the community and not those who are hand-picked by the clergy.
    Thanasie Vrettas, Ph.D.

  8. Letter to the Editor: Who Cares about Sexual Orientation?
    “. . . in order to create a more “affirming environment” for such very young children is appalling.”
    Tolerance, Acceptance, what is next: Mainstream?

  9. Re: Return of the Parthenon Marbles our First Priority, Says President Pavlopoulos
    Shouldn’t they be called Phideas Marble Statues, on honor of their creator?

    1. Just say Elgin Marbles and everyone will know what you are talking about. If you are Greek and love the Parthenon don’t ever mention Nicholas Balanos.

  10. Today I saw a police officer save a suicidal woman as she hung on the ledge outside her apartment window. After they took her in the ambulance I asked who saved her and the officer is a Greek woman who works in the 88th precinct in Brooklyn, NY.
    I was twice as proud to be a NYer and to be Greek. I want to see an article on this please!!

  11. Re: Letter to the Editor: Dabilis Rightly Wants Greek Block of Turkey’s EU Bid
    Sucre Bleu! Let’s start a “DaBilis For President!” campaign ASAP!!!

  12. Re: NYT: Trump Should Consider Removing US Nuclear Weapons from Turkey
    I would take it a step further; kick the Turks from northern Cyprus and upgrade the
    infrastructure to host the Incirlik facilities.

  13. Re: Greece’s F-16 Deal with US Brings Mocking of Tsipras
    As Greek Americans we ought to be reminded that the defense policy of this nation transcends
    political ideology. As such, let’s not spread panic, like chicken little, but realize that the F-16 upgrade
    is imperative for Greece’s existence.

  14. Re “The meeting, during which Trump was jubilant that Greece would, as he said, pay $2.4 billion for upgrading F-16 fighter jets and bring jobs to Americans but not Greeks, was said to have pushed Washington closer to Athens, Karloutsos told Kathimerini.” Like shooting fish in a barrel!

  15. I was delivered the wrong paper this morning I am supposed to receive the English version & I was delivered the Greek. I have been trying to reach you since 8:30 this morn by Phone & fax & you have no working phones. Please have my English Newspaper re delivered to my home

    1. Sorry for the inconvenience, unfortunately over 150,000 customers are left with no phone service due to a Verizon outage in the area. We have sent in a request to have the correct paper delivered to you. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

  16. Archbishop Demetrios as Chairman and the Archdiocesan Council, should resign their positions for demonstrating a lack of fiscal responsibility towards our church. According to The National Herald, His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios Geron of America knew in great detail everything that was going on regarding the finances, including St. Nicholas. The arrogance and lack of respect for the Laity, once again, is shown evident. The same way our politicians demonstrate a lack of respect for the tax payer, the bureaucracy in our church reflects the same disdain towards the Laity. The article reported by The National Herald, also stated Archbishop Demetrios admitted the existence of the huge deficit that incurred on his watch, and then stated there are many millionaires who can pay it off. What unbelievable gall coming from a supposed man of God. Archbishop Demetrios not only should resign, but should beg the forgiveness of those who have selflessly provided large sums of money to the church they love, in an effort to grow Orthodoxy in the United States. We know you’re eloquent with words your Eminence, as reflected in your response to this financial crisis, but your lack of caring and concern at the time was beyond the pale. The buck stopped with you and the Archdiosesan Council, and collectively you failed big time. At 89 years of age, I really think it’s time you retire from the administration of the church, for the good of church.

  17. Re: Turkish Fighter Jets Invade Greek Airspace With Impunity By TNH Staff
    Can The TNH suggest something substantial to counteract the constant threat?

  18. Re: Greek Police Arrest 7 for Selling Bogus Olive Oil

    Unfortunately, olive oil is such a valuable and valued commodity that some criminals do seek to exploit the public’s desire for its unique flavor and impressive health benefits. However, I find it disturbing to see this article copied all over the internet, immediately, while dozens of articles about the accomplishments of olive oil producers and companies, the growing number of scientific studies providing evidence that olive oil can help fight off dozens of serious diseases, and so much more positive news about the olive oil world shows up far less frequently. Yes, olive oil fraud is a problem, but no, that fraud does not deserve the prominence it gains when a comparatively small group of criminals takes advantage of consumers, given that hundreds of olive oil companies in Greece alone are working hard to produce an authentic, high quality, healthy product that deserves to be purchased and appreciated. Consumers need to learn how to identify authentic extra virgin olive oil, partly by looking at labels (for the specific place of production and bottling, the harvest date, and the grade, such as extra virgin) and partly by smelling and tasting the oil (to detect a fruity aroma and the flavor of olives and perhaps something like tomato leaves–or many other possibilities depending on the olive variety, but nothing musty or moldy). Seed oils don’t have a distinctive flavor or aroma, but extra virgin olive oil (the kind you want for the best health benefits and flavor) does. For more good news about olive oil, please see Greek Liquid Gold: Authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (, which features carefully researched and first-hand reports from the Greek olive oil world.

  19. Dear Eleni,

    I must introduce you to a very special young man. He is 26 years old and shows a great heart for humanity and the Greek people. Recently he was hired to work at the United Nations. He is also works with a Greek Archeologist — I believe that her name is “Argy.” He has visited Crete as well. He is a visual artist who has created great pieces of work depicting the horrors of Genocides — including that of the Armenians and of the Greeks.

    Me to kalo,
    Sofia Kostos

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