Yes, John Stamenos Has Bananas, for Frontline COVID-19 Workers


Chicago 7-Eleven franchise operator John Stamenos, in a take-off on the 1930's song that says, “there's a fruit store on our street, it's run by a Greek,” has plenty of bananas, so many he's given away 2,400 as healthy snacks for workers on the COVID-19 front lines.

He personally delivered cases of bananas to a local hospital, multiple food banks, and fire stations in several cities and even before the donations he was known at 7-Eleven as The Banana Man, the company's website wrote.

During a previous Feeding America fundraiser he dressed up in a giant banana costume to encourage customers to donate a dollar to the national banana drive and his store donated the most to Chicago, which has a big Greek-American community.

Each dollar purchased two bananas that were given to local food banks to help feed people in his neighborhood.

“John has always had a passion to help his community,” said Field Consultant Sanaz Maanikhah, who nominated John as a 7-Eleven Hero.” He is “the banana man with a big heart,” his store run by a Greek who knows how to give back, if a little bit bananas.