The Moukas Brothers Keep Jackson Heights' Jahn's Diner Going

The National Herald Archive

It's been 123 years since John John opened a diner and ice cream parlor in New York, soon spreading to 30 but now down to one, operated by brothers Pete and Nick Moukas in Jackson Heights, and they're keeping it going even during COVID-19. 

Their family took it over in 1970 and while they still have sundaes, also on the menu is traditional Greek food like Spanakopita along with the kind of cheeseburgers you can only get at Greek-American places that have your mouth watering before you sit down. 

In a feature, The Gothamist said the brothers have kept it going with a combination of take-out and outdoor dining and even putting outside some of the old-fashioned vinyl red booths that are so retro. 

In a time when people need comforting more than ever, they offer comfort food, including breakfast-all-day specials, sandwiches and steaks and chops, the lure enough to keep people coming despite limited seating. 

With the cold coming on, they're winterizing a curbside room with a roof and windbreaks although Nick said he's unsure about investing in electric heaters. Don't worry, the food's warming enough for anyone.