Putting Vendors to Work to Feed the Hungry, the Street Vendor Project Draws Media Coverage

The National Herald

(Photo by Street Vendor Project via

NEW YORK -- A “huge lifeline” is how one vendor described a program to put street food vendors to work feeding people in need of meals in a recent radio interview.

That program, organized by the Street Vendor Project and supported by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), has drawn media attention in New York.

In an interview with radio station WFUV, SNF Program Officer Alex Simon-Fox highlighted the compelling two-way benefits of the program. “It was a chance to address the serious food insecurity you’re seeing in a lot of New York City neighborhoods while simultaneously addressing the employment issues that are facing street vendors,” he said.

The Street Vendor Project food distributions were recently highlighted in a Spanish-language feature from NY1.

The program was also the subject of a recent “Hero of the Day” segment on WNYW (above).