Not Playing Dead: Michael Mina Takes Miami Chance With Ornos

The National Herald

Ornos Estiatorio. (Photo via Facebook)

Miami restaurateur Michael Mina isn't one to play it safe, taking a chance during COVID-19 to open another restaurant in the area, his fourth, called Ornos Estiatorio, a Greek dining concept in a 4,800-square foot space. 

"With everything going on right now, you have choices to reopen your restaurant, close, or do something new," Mina notes. "My thinking is that we have the opportunity to do something new and fresh that will be good for the community and the team's mental health, so why not? Either you get excited about something or roll over and play dead,” he told New Times. 

The concept, the site said, was years in the making for Egyptian-born Mina, who grew up eating Mediterranean food and decided on a Greek concept after becoming familiar with the cooking of former Estiatorio Milos' chef Nikolaos Georgousis, who helped design the menu. 

The restaurant opened Sept. 30 with the pandemic still raging, especially in Florida and Mina is hoping that people will come to eat despite the risk, and offering a lot of Greek staples, including lavraki (sea bass), Mediterranean snapper and other fish-based entrees like lobster.