Nick the Greek Bets People Need Greek Food Even More Now

The National Herald

Nick The Greek. (Photo via Facebook)

With an ideal location in Westwood, California near UCLA and hungry students on a budget, another Nick The Greek opened Oct. 8 as the COVID-19 pandemic is going on, counting on Greek food to be the draw. 

Nick The Greek, now a franchise, began in San Jose by three guys named Big Nick, Little Nick, and Baby Nick, wrote the site Spoon University, although the owner is Nick Tsigaris who's found a winning formula during these tough times. 

The traditional roots from Greece inspired them to open up a street food service that serves up authentic souvlaki and gyros. Anton, the owner/franchisee in the Westwood location, said: 

"We are different from the other places that serve gyros. Normally, one would have to sit down and eat the sandwich with unnecessary additions and twists. The Nicks did not want that. They wanted to serve you the real thing, straight from Greece." 

"We chose Westwood because of UCLA. We want to be the spot where students can quickly and casually pick up a good-quality gyro without having to wait in a fancy and expensive Mediterranean restaurant,” he said.