Greek Group Tutoring of Lexington, MA is Back in Action

The National Herald

Greek Group Tutoring, Lexington, MA. (Photo Courtesy of Elaine Kakambouras)

LEXINGTON – The Greek Group Tutoring of Lexington, MA and its teachers are excited to welcome back students and families to online classes beginning September 15. They invite members of the Community to join them in continuing studies of the Greek language, history, and culture, and reuniting (at least virtually for now) the students, families, and GGT community members.

The above photo, taken in September of 2019, is of scientist and educator, Dr. Manos Chaniotakism who led the GGT students in a discussion of Why learn Greek? at one of their many enrichment activities. There are many fun reasons to join in!  To register children in Kindergarten thru 6th grade, and the post-graduate program, THELO (Teen Hellenic Education and Language Organization, ages 12- 15) please visit

Καλή Αρχή - Καλό μάθημα!