Greek Artist Created a Snow Sculpture of Poseidon in Astoria Park

The National Herald

Greek artist Marios Tzavellas sculpted a Greek god out of snow in Astoria Park. (Photo: Courtesy of Marios Tzavellas)

ASTORIA – The snow that fell a few days ago in New York inspired Greek artist Marios Tzavellas to sculpt a Greek god.

Tzavellas went for a walk in Astoria Park on December 17 following the snowfall. There, he began his creation with the initial idea of making a snowman along with fellow artist Melissa Vadakara, according to the Queens Daily Eagle. In the process, something resembling an ancient statue emerged and the final result was the Greek god Poseidon.

"It was an idea of the moment, I started for fun. I have not done it again. The only difficulty was the cold that bothered me. Initially, I tried to make a snowman, I liked the texture of the snow. Then I thought it could look like a statue and that's how this person came to be, who could be Poseidon, the god of winter or snow," Tzavellas told The National Herald.

The Greek artist is originally from Himarra and has been living in New York for the last two years. He studied at the School of Fine Arts, had many exhibitions in Athens, Corfu, Tirana, and Amsterdam, and also created chariots for the carnival in Chalkida.

The National Herald

A view of the snow sculpture by Marios Tzavellas with the Hell Gate Bridge in the background. (Photo: Courtesy of Marios Tzavellas)

He has been painting since he can remember, “and when I do not make art I try to make my life look like it. When I make something, I like to feel more than I think," he told TNH.

He decided to immigrate to the United States two years ago as he has relatives in New York. “My grandfather came here and I have many relatives. I came to find my roots.”