Greece ‘Welcomes’ Greek-American Visitors from New England with a 500 Euro Fine

The National Herald

Copy of the travel confirmation that the Consulate General of Greece in Boston granted to a certain Greek-American for travel to Greece. (Photo provided by the Greek-American traveler)

BOSTON – Greece `welcomed' Greek-American visitors from the New England area with a 500 euro fine when they arrived on Wednesday July 15 in Athens because they hadn't completed the form located on the Internet on the site protocol_air which should have been filled out 48 hours prior to their arrival.

The Greek-American who informed The National Herald via an e-mail is a well-known member of the Greek-American Community of New England, refused to accept the fine, as did other visitors. He alleged that “the Consulate General of Greece in Boston, neither Lufthansa Airlines had informed the travelers. Lufthansa made a brief announcement shortly before the departure from Munich to Athens, but it was too late for those who were getting ready to board.”

The National Herald

Copy of the 500 Euro fine with which Greece ‘welcomed’ a Greek-American from New England, who refuse to accept it. (Photo provided by the Greek-American traveler)

He also wrote that “as you can see on the e-mail that I sent you I refused to accept the fine because I believe that Consulate General of Greece in Boston should have informed me. I had called the Consulate three times inquiring information as to how can I go to Greece and no one mentioned anything about the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) which is required.”

TNH communicated with the Consul General of Greece Stratos Efthymiou who said that “all the forms of the Greek Government are posted on the Web Site and also the Facebook of our Consulate. Also all the airlines have been informed regarding the requirement of the form.” He also said “we have served hundreds of Greek-Americans without any problem and we have received many positive comments on our Web Site which you can see.”

Mr. Efthymiou also said that “we serve our Greek-American people from early in morning to late at night. There are three people who answer the phone, in the past there was no one.”